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Favorite Activities

Walking, playing with my toys, swimming at the beach, riding in the boat and rounding up my mama.

I was named after a big sandwich called a "Dagwood".

I am a Tri-colored Border Collie that is VERY energetic and is the sweetest dog on this earth (just ask my momma, she calls me Sweet Pea. Border Collies are naturally herding dogs and since I don't have any sheep to gather I herd up my momma. Yeah! she laughs but I know who's REALLY in charge.

I lived in California for the first 3 years of my life where I enjoyed the days of lounging in my very own swimming pool (you know the ones that people buy for their toddlers?). Then we moved to Texas. Texas is indeed an adventurous place. Now, not only do I have another pool to play in (this one is for adults) I get to go boating in Galveston Bay. I always make sure to wear my yellow life vest while riding in the boat. Not only does it keep me safe it also looks great!

My daily routine consists of eating, sleeping, playing with my toys, going for walks, visiting friends on my potty breaks. I have lots of friends, Panzer, Gracie, George, Rascal and Tike are just a few of them and then there are the kitties that like ME to chase them! Daddy always says, Get the kitty! Being the obedient fur friend that I am, I comply with his request. And so the chase begins!

I am 13 and 1/2 years old but don't let the age fool you into believing I am turning into an old codger!! I still continue an active lifestyle and I don't have any grey hair yet (I take after my momma). Life is good......................

Dagwood's home town "League City Texas"

The Wharf Marina "Where Life is Like Living on Vacation" Wharf Living. A unique living experience. The Wharf is a marina centric private living community located within League City's boundaries. League City, a boaters paradise, is famous for its hospitality, comfortable living and old world charm - in 2005 it was designated one of the 100 best small cities in the USA. It is rich in amenities - boating, fishing, golf courses, restaurants and bars. And has a unique historic district which includes one of the prettiest parks in Texas. Set in its own well maintained grounds, an active and financially strong homeowners association oversees and manages shared common areas, parking, swimming pools, the tennis court and Marina with boardwalk. The Wharf's location is approximately 20 miles to Galveston Texas and 23 miles to Houston Texas. For miles from our house is he Kemah Boardwalk

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