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I need sunglasses!

Will Someone get me some sunglasses!! LOL!!

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  1. Fenway Says:

    Hi Dagwood!

    Wheee! I found another blogging border collie. Hope you get your sunglasses.

    I have to ask you this question: when you're out walking with the humans, do you get a lot of "helpful" people telling them that we are the smartest breed?

    Do these people really think our owners are clueless about that? Ms. Alpha swears that one day she will scratch her head in amazement and declare she NEVER HEARD THAT BEFORE!!!!!! (she really likes to toy with people)

  2. K9 Amiga Says:

    sarcasm, pitfalls of brilliant dogs
    : P
    my dogs half border collie and sometimes hes too smart for his own good or should i say my own patience,
    good luck Dagwood, bet you'd look amazing in some john lennon minis

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