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Frank the "Tank" in Times Square!

Frank the "Tank" was entered into the Purina Dog Chow contest. Although he didn't win, he was chosen along with 9, 175 dogs to have their picture viewed on the big screens in Times Square. We missed the viewing time of Frank so are looking forward to the snapshot of his big moment in Times Square.

The time is quickly approaching for the Purina® Dog Chow® "Picture your Dog in Times Square" Event!
Remember, starting on June 19th, Frank will be featured on one of the digital displays in Times Square, New York.
We are estimating that Frank will appear between 10:45 AM and 11:05 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST). This is our best estimate based on the number of dogs submitted. Actual times may vary.
You can view the event live on by clicking here.
If you miss the event, don't worry! We'll be sending a snapshot of your dog's big moment in Times Square to your email.
Thanks again for participating!
- The team

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