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Introducing "Sparky" Widget

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You Ask , "what is the best way to search for information about dogs?"
"Where is the best location on the web for dog videos?"
"Where can I find articles on dogs?"
"Where are the best photos of dogs on the web?"

Have you seen Sparky? An innovative all inclusive WIDGET that provides access to the most popular dog videos, articles on dogs, funny photos and much more with the "Sparky widget". Like to blog? See the most comprehensive group of blogs about dogs! This little widget packs a big punch! You can find one of these widgets on the left side of the page. Just look for the logo seen above.

Have you tried Sparky? Give it a test run and let us know what you think! You can also chat live about Sparky. "Dogs Living the Good Life" Be the first one to FIND, LEARN OF or OBSERVE!


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