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Day 5 with Vestibular disease

Dagwood walked with Mike about 1 mile today. GO DAGGIE!! We want to keep up his normal adventures as possible. He stills exhibits a strong right head tilt. He did eat this morning but isn't interested tonight (except for his treats...milkbones). We try and feed him the same time daily to keep him in his normal pattern. We went to the matinee movie to see Gran Torino and Dag was ok when we got home. We just have to be careful knowing that the stairs are extremely dangerous for him right now and we take the correct precautions to keep him falling down them. All in all I think he has made good progress from earlier in the week when I found him in such distress.

We hope to see continued progress and maybe even complete recovery soon. Mike will take him to work tomorrow to monitor his situation. Thanks to everyone that has sent their best wishes for Daggie!! XXOO

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    Good on Dags. Those milkbone treats are sure making a difference. We suggest quadrupling the dosage of milkbones and cutting back on yick food. Pretty soon he'll be walking two miles, one with Mike and one without Mike as he beats Mike home. OBTW, NO milkbones for Mike, only for Dagwood. Keep these great progress reports coming and we'll keep Daggie in our evening howls.
    - The Bumpass Hounds

  2. Discover with Dagwood Says:

    You are soooooo sweet!!!

  3. the 4 Bs Says:

    we're happy to hear that you are feeling better and we hope to hear soon that you are making a full recovery. going to work sounds like a lot of fun and going for lots of walks sounds like a good treatment also. enjoy your milk bones and all of the attention!


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