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Dogs and Earthday

You recycle. You eat organic. You put on a sweater before you crank up the heat. But have you ever considered your dog's effect on the environment? And have you thought about what the environment's doing to your dog?

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    We doubt that fat dogs, or fat people for that matter, are doing as significant harm to the environment relative to other natural poluutants. We doubt if dogs belching and farting are hurting that much either. Even Max farting and belching would take hundreds of years to equate to a minor Mt. Redoubt or Mount St. Helens erruption. All of us dogs could probably commit mass canine suicide but then the environmentalist would be upset about our decaying bodies. Like Roseann Rossanna Dana said: "It's always something." Ultimately the planet would be more regenerative in the minds of extreme eco environmentalists if the human race died off over a 10 year period. Then we US dogs wouldn't have to pay off the 14 trillion dollar national debt that the country is building. So we apologize but we have not, nor do we intend to, think about our dog's effect on the environment. It'll take a while just to undo the oil field fires that Sadam Hussein started in Kuwait. Sorry but we've got the canine adverse effects on the environment so low on our list of concerns that it's not even on the radar.

    We hope that Dagwood is feeling better and getting ready for his vacation.
    - TBH

  2. Discover with Dagwood Says:

    I agree......all this rhetoric about global warming etc. instead of fixing the BIG problems in our economy. I think Daggie is going to be ok at the Sea dog Inn. They work with our vet so we're confident if anything should happen while we are away he'll be taken care of. :)

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