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A Real Tortoise and Hare Story

Attached are some photos of a precious cotton tail bunny who has been coming to my patio sharing a meal with my tortoise daily for the past 2 months.

When she first started coming she was a tiny bunny with ears barely an inch in length. Now they are 3" + and growing. She now feeds several times a day and knows when I get home and within minutes/seconds is out on the patio for her fresh supply of greens and hibicus flowers!
One day when I had my Mother visiting this past week, I could tell she wanted to come inside as she was sitting my the screen door. I opened it and shortly thereafter in she came, walking all around my livingroom, right by my Mom's feet, over to the piano and back outside again. I think she was looking for her friend, as I had Hapi Face out by the front door soaking up some sun. Sure enough next thing I knew she was out front with a perplexed look on her face as to how to get into Hapi Face's indoor cage with her, and the plate of food!

Story By: Audrey Perinoni

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