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2 Weeks after Hurricane Ike

Left~Hwy 45 going to galveston~Center~NASA Rd 1~Right ~Photo of Pappadeaux's, a popular eatery across from the boardwalk.

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Two weeks since Hurricane Ike roared across Texas. One SCAREY night indeed! We are slowly getting back up to speed. Still haven’t seen the insurance adjuster……would like to get the roof fixed before it rains again LOL! Mike did some repairs so hopefully it will hold. We were 9 days without power (most importantly air conditioning) UGH! The roof needs fixing as well as walls from water coming in (and we were boarded up!), my beautiful hardwood floors buckled in a couple places, the ceiling in our bedroom (about 4 ft wide crack/hole) needs to be replaced and 2 broken windows. The water in the marina came up to a foot from the bottom of our townhomes (we are 16 feet up on piers). Davis Rd was under water as well as some garages at the Wharf had 4 feet of water in them…..unfortunately some of our neighbors did lose their vehicles. Four chimneys blown off the roofs. Many trees split in half and damaged nearby buildings. The condos next door have been condemned and it is not known if they will rebuild or tear it down. Our parking lot was littered with dead fish, logs, barrels from 2 miles away and huge tree limbs, debris and water completely covering the concrete. It looked like a bomb had gone off. It’s amazing to look at it now just 2 weeks later, most of the debris has been piled up on the side of the street and waiting for disposal.

We ventured out in the boat this weekend and the damage we saw was horrendous.
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The Kemah boardwalk has been basically reduced to sticks, 3 Amigo's has lost their docks as well as Outriggers (our favorite local boating eatery). 60 foot yachts on top of each other, half sunk and up in residents front yards. Some look as though they are meant to be parked there. We could see one sailboat sunk in the channel with only the top of the mast visible.

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