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"Dagwood's Thanksgiving Wish!"

A Thanksgiving Short Story.....................

At Teri's house on Thanksgiving day, everything smelled fantastic! The grown-ups were in the kitchen filling the best china dishes with all sorts of yummy Thanksgiving food. In the spirit of sharing, every Thanksgiving Teri's family made a big turkey dinner to eat with special friends.

All of a sudden the doorbell rang. It was Mary, one of Teri's favorite people. "Come in!" Teri said excitedly. "Dinner's almost ready!" "I've brought turkey," Mary said, smiling, holding up a dish of great-looking turkey. And Mike has made Mashed potatoes," Teri said. This is going to be great! Dinner was terrific. The turkey and stuffing was especially good this year. But, the big question every year at Teri's house was: "Who will share the wishbone?" This year was no different! "Me, me!" Teri and Mary pleaded. The grown-ups smiled. Mike nodded and said, "Go ahead you two!" Teri and Mary were given the wishbone. Each grabbed one end and pulled. All of a sudden, the wishbone slipped from their fingers and flew into the air! From nowhere, Dagwood appeared and grabbed the wishbone! Everyone jumped up! The grown-ups started shouting: "Get it!" "Grab the bone!" "Dagwood can't eat that!" "Bones aren't safe for pets!"

Chairs fell over and dishes almost crashed to the floor as everyone tried to catch Dagwood. Dagwood loved all the attention and ran happily around the room, slipping away each time someone got close! Finally, Mike caught Dagwood and got the wishbone away. "Whew! Here it is," Mike said, holding the wishbone in the air for all to see. Oh no! It was broken! For a moment, everyone was silent. "Well," Mike said, starting to laugh. "It looks like Dagwood gets to make the wish this year! I hope it's a good one!" Then, everyone laughed and applauded. "More pie!" Mary said. This is a Thanksgiving to remember always, Teri thought, looking around at all the happy faces. Teri would always remember this Thanksgiving as "Dagwood's Thanksgiving Wish!"

~ The End ~

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