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Groundhog Day or Ground Dog Day

by Sandy Weaver Carman, Atlanta Dogs Examiner

Today is Groundhog Day, the day the South’s own General Beauregard Lee, PhD, will come out of his cushy digs at the Yellow River Game Ranch, will see or not see his shadow, and become celebrity for the day either way.Around the country, there are a few other famous groundhogs, also known as woodchucks or marmots, and they’ll get their due, too. The curious story of the groundhog as weather forecaster apparently started because they are timid little creatures afraid of their own shadows, so if the shadow frightens them, back into their home they go, not to return for 6 weeks. Now, why it is that spring supposedly follows the groundhog’s advice…well, that part of the legend is up for debate.Back at the Yellow River Game Ranch, imagine how General Beauregard Lee must feel with all of those tv camera lights shining!! No matter what General Lee sees today, he’s predicting a fun event this Saturday, one that’s sort of named after him. Ground Dog Day is a party and silent auction at the Westside Pizza in Atlanta to benefit the Save Our Pets Food Bank and the East Point Pup Project. The festivities include hors d'oeuvres, live music and a silent auction, including bidding on dates with local men and women. There's even an Atlanta fireman up for bid. Atlanta’s Ground Dog Day goes from 4-8pm and tickets are $15 in advance or two for $25, $20 at the door. For more information, you can email Cindy or just show up at Westside Pizza.Around the country, humane societies and dog clubs celebrate Ground Dog Day, which can mean different things to different people, but mostly means a lot of fun for the dogs. In Buffalo, NY on Saturday, the local animal shelter celebrated their 3rd annual Ground Dog Day, featuring Lovejoy LuLu to predict the coming of spring. Lovejoy LuLu seems to be a person in a very large dog costume, but it’s tough to argue with the crowds she draws and the dogs that found new families on Saturday.And if you have a few spare minutes and a desire to read personal blog pages featuring dogs and their very "punny" people, Google “ground dog day.” You’ll get a bunch of forecasting-canines from all over the country, and one kitty who celebrates Ground Dog Day. With a little bit of snow possible tonight, here’s hoping there’s cloud cover this morning so General Lee doesn’t see his shadow. An early spring always suits Atlanta well!

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