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Pet Chat Event Schedule: Live Q&As with Pet Experts

PetChat is an instant messaging forum where you can chat with other pet lovers and experts. DogTime Media hosts special events on PetChat with expert dog trainers, behaviorists, vets, and other pet professionals who will answer your questions. These live events are held every Wednesday at 4 pm, PST. To participate, click on any PetChat logo or link on DogTime and our participating partner pet sites.

Pet Chat Event Schedule

Ask the Trainer: One-on-One Advice from Professional Dog Behaviorist
Dr. Camille Ward, Ph.D.

Does your dog pull on his leash? Jump on people? Not get along with other dogs? Wish you could afford a session with a behaviorist? Well in these trying times, DogTime wants to help you (and your dog) with free advice from a professional behaviorist and trainer Dr. Camille Ward, Ph.D. With a little advice from Dr. Ward, your pooch will be on his best behavior!

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