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Dagwood's progress

Dagwood is back from the hospital tonight. Our place is a maze of staircases so Mike has to carry him around. He has 2 prescriptions to help him with the dizziness for a week. Our local vet at Marina Bay hospital is very helpful. She estimates a week for recovery.

It's been a very stressful 2 days so far of not knowing the outcome of Daggie's recovery but we feel because of Daggie being so healthy we are optimistic he will make a complete recovery and be better than ever! Thanks to everyone for their positive notes and caring concerns.

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    That's a GREAT Daggie news report. WAHOO! YIPPEE! Don't forget that lot's of treat, for at least twice the period of medication, is essential for a full recovery. We know cuz we studied all about getting sick in a vestibule. Medicine is OK, but after checking with The marina Bay Animal Hospital, we have confirmed that treats are essential. We expect a daily Daggie treats consumed report and it better be good.
    - TBH

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