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Dag's a little better

Very slow change in Dagwood. He can almost walk a straight line although his head dips to the right. He hasn't eaten anything except for a couple of milkbones. He seems to be in good spirits and always wags his tail when we talk to him. We have the upstairs blocked off so there is no chance of him falling down the stairs. You can tell he just wants to rip around like normal but everytime he starts to walk fast he takes a tumble (the wood floors aren't much help with his balance). All in all I think he is pretty comfortable. He get LOTS of can't help but love this sweet pea. One month until Daggie's 13th birthday and he plans to be back in tip top shape to celebrate!

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    See, we told y'all that Dagwood needs lots of treats, and milkbones qualify in that category. Another month of a heavy treat diet with a few nutrients thron in and THE MAN will be tip-top for the number that shall be un-said birthday. That's a "pretty pink" bandage over his IV spot; whatsa matta, did the vet run out of blue or all the other MANLY colors? Youse guys coulds at least throw an old sock over it to cover it up. Dags should have put his head down on top of it for the pix. Anyway, we are really, really, rally, glad that THE MAN is home and has started the recuperation process. Tell him to shut his yapper (except for treat intake), lay down, get comfortable, and take it easy. Keep us all posted.
    - The Bumpass hounds

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