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Cocoa Is such a character

Daggie says WOOF! Looking Marvelous Cocoa!
Thank you Cocoa for sending photos of your birthday attire! See you on campus!
This one's for you Daggie! Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Did you hear me Dagwood?

Yes, I do believe I am most Beautiful!
Is it time to take 5 yet? I really need to get my nails done.

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    Hey Dagwood,
    Cocoa is a sweet girl,but we think she might score up in the 8-10 category on our self evaluation test:

    - The Bumpass Hounds

  2. Rose DesRochers Says:

    Poor Cocoa . lol My dog won't have anything to do with dog clothes.

  3. Ching Ya Says:

    What a dog lover. ^^ I love puppies too. She looks lovely (is a She, right?)in pink, but what's with the ears?

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