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Drama on Dagwood's 3 mile walk

Mike and I decided to walk Dag to Blockbuster (3 mile walk) and drop off a movie while the construction guys were installing a sliding glass door downstairs. Along the way at the auto service store there was a German Shepperd in the back of a truck. The dog started going in circles in the back of the truck and then jumped out with his hackles up charging for Dagwood. Needless to say we were trying with all our might to keep the dog away from Daggie. The owner of the dog ran out and finally caught his dog and told us his dog had never jumped out of the truck before. Then on the way back we decided to cross the street just in case the guy and his dog were still there. UNBELIEVABLY I looked over across the street and that darn dog jumped out of the back of the truck again and crossed 4 LANES......unreal he wasn't hit by a car. AGAIN we are trying to keep this dog away from Dag. Dagwood is just about deaf....he hears very little and is so fragile. So many people come up with their dogs and say how friendly their dog is and then don't ya know it.....their dog ultimately bites Dag. It has happened twice here in Texas so we don't trust ANYONE that we don't know saying their dog is friendly. After MUCH running around trying to capture this dog......traffic stops.......I'm screaming....Mike is guarding Dagwood and the owner of the dog is trying to capture his dog which he finally caught. Mike and I are somewhat sore from trying to kick the dog away and throwing our water bottles at him. The owner of the dog seemed to be mindless of the situation........UH HELLO!!!! Your dog just jumped out of the truck 20 minutes ago, you would think he would have learned from that situation and secured his dog.....but noooooo. I'm happy that his dog didn't get hit by a car but I am concerned for his dogs safety in future situations. Afterall a dog's master must have their animal controlled for his safety and the safety of others.

Everyone is safe and sound....WHEW!!!!

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    Holy Moly. That German Sheperd' sowner isn't too smart. Now that the mystique of jumping out of the truck bed has been conquered that dog will be jumping out to investigate anything that strikes his fancy. Here in VA it's illegle to transport a dog in an open truck bed even if it's tethered. The dog(s) have to be secured inside enclosed box cages that can be secured to the truck bed. Hunters haul their hounds that way. We've very seldom seen a dog in a truck bed, either parked or traveling. It isn' safe in case of a sudden stop or if the dog jumps from the bed while moving. We're all glad Dagwood is OK. We hope that his nerves have calmed down.
    - TBH

  2. Faya Says:

    I am happy that you are all OK. This is why I am going to private school next week. VĂ©ronique wants me to obey more than I obey actualy....pffff I will try.

  3. Willa Says:

    Wow- that's horrible. Because our dogs are big, we are terribly conscientious about letting them be around other dogs-we watch like a hawk. And who puts an unssecured dog in the back of a pick up in this day and age! How irresponsible.
    We are glad you are OK, too.

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