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"Fly" sighting

"Fly" comes by to say Hi! in the Wharf Marina.
Fly was brought into the marina by some friends that rescued him from another area in hopes that he would have a better home. He seems to be enjoying his new environment as he visits occasionally.

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    Hey Daggie,
    How ya doing guy? haven't heard from you in a while. "Fly" is a strange name for a tortoise. How'd he get that name? How are you feeling these days yourself?
    - TBH

  2. Dagwood Says:

    Hi Bumpass Hounds! I'm doing ok......Getting ready to go for a boat ride. Been kinda sore for a couple days from a walk on Friday. I have no idea why my friends named their tortoise "Fly"....but it's neat to see he is thriving in the marina. Mama has been so busy and hasn't given an updated in awhile but plans do so soon :)
    Thanks for keeping in touch!

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