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The world is spinning

Dagwood's world is spinning once again. I thought vestibular disease doesn't reoccur??? Tuesday night around midnight he was in acute distress again.......not able to walk with eyes darting back and forth and in extreme discomfort. We were up all night with him and gave him one of the tranquilizers that we use for thunderstorms. Took about 3 hours for the drug to take affect but Dag finally got some relief (us as well). Mike took him to work and he mostly slept all day. Wednesday evening he was a tad better but still uncomfortable. The worst thing for knowing his world is spinning. The duration of acute symptoms this time seem to be short(er) lived compared to last time. Still, he is back to being carried up and down the stairs and walking like he is drunk. He is back at work today with Mike and is reported to being more active than yesterday.

Calling the vet again today and asking them to "get out their books" and offer up any advice they can think of. I know there is no cure but there has got to be something he can take to lesson the severity of his symptoms.

Until then MORE TREATS for my sweet pea!!

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    We well start up our good vibe machine for Daggie and also howl to DOG to make Daggie feel better. Please give him some slobbers from us and tell him he's in our prayers for him to feel better.
    - TBH

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