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Happy Easter

Took Dagwood to the beach yesterday and played with him in the surf for a bit. Besides hitting the sand with a "face plant" when first arriving at the beach he seemed to have fun. He's still unsteady while walking and doesn't have much of an appetite. He won't even eat his treats right away. He is eating a small amount though and we're monitoring hm closely.

Mike walked Daggie this morning and got rained on so between the salt water yesterday at the beach and rain this morning Dag's a pretty clean boy! I'm off to color my Easter eggs!

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  1. The Bumpass Hounds Says:

    Hey Y'all,
    We hope that you had a good Easter and th Daggie is doing better or at least no worse. We have our GV (good vibe) machine cranked up for him. We're pulling for Dagwood. Take good care of him, he's the best. It sucks to get old.
    - TBH

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